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VFW Post 9972, Chartered on 4 February 1958, holds a remarkable status as the largest Post in Arizona. Over the years, it has become a beacon of camaraderie and service, embodying the spirit of the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization.

One cannot discuss the illustrious history of Post 9972 without mentioning the notable individuals who have left an indelible mark on its legacy. Among them, our esteemed namesake, James R. “BOB” Currieo, has played a pivotal role in shaping the Post’s character. A beacon of leadership, Currieo dedicated his time and efforts to uphold the values of VFW and provide unwavering support to fellow veterans.

Furthermore, in a testament to the exceptional leadership within Post 9972, it is worth highlighting that not one, but three National Commanders-in-Chief have emerged from its ranks. This extraordinary achievement is a testament to the dedication and commitment of its members. In addition to James R. “BOB” Currieo, the immediate Past Commander-In-Chief, Tim Borland, has also assumed this prestigious position, further solidifying the Post’s reputation.

Post 9972 serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of brotherhood and service cherished by the VFW. Its rich history, fueled by countless acts of selflessness and dedication, inspires current and future generations to continue honoring the sacrifices made by our veterans.

May the legacy of VFW Post 9972 forever shine bright, serving as a symbol of unity, pride, and unwavering support for those who have served our nation.

Hello From your New Commander


I am Greg Algorri, the newly elected Commander of VFW Post 9972. I served 20 years in the Army, earning my eligibility for the VFW through tours in Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan. On the home front, I am a proud father to four children: Hunter (19), Ava (16), Shawn (12), and Jaxyn (2). My girlfriend, Shanda, who is also a dedicated member of the Auxiliary and the Conductor for the 2024-2025 year, stands by my side in this journey.

Since joining Post 9972 in 2018, I have been deeply involved in various capacities. I started by helping with meals, washing dishes, and cleaning up. Before long, I became known as the “Burger Guy.” Through these experiences, I developed a profound appreciation for the camaraderie and dedication that define our organization. Today, I am deeply honored to serve as YOUR Commander.

Our primary goal this year is to deepen our connection with the community. I envision a Sierra Vista where every event related to veterans or the military naturally involves the VFW. Our new tagline, “Honoring Service, Uniting Community,” perfectly captures our mission. By uniting our community, we will attract new members and strengthen our organization. Let’s make it clear: VFW Post 9972 is here to support and engage with our community.

I want to thank the Auxiliary for everything they do. The Auxiliary plays a crucial role in our mission. Their unwavering support and active participation in our events and initiatives significantly contribute to our success. From organizing fundraisers to providing valuable assistance at our events, the Auxiliary’s efforts amplify our impact and help us achieve our goals. Together, we can make a greater difference in the lives of our veterans and in our community.

I am committed to ensuring that WE do everything possible to support OUR veterans and our community. My love for this organization runs deep, and I am excited to serve you in the coming year. We will undoubtedly face new challenges, but I believe these goals will set us on the right path, building on the progress made over the past two years.
#team9972 #forthegoodofyourpost

Yours in Comradeship,

Gregory P. Algorri Jr.
James R. “BOB” Currieo VFW Post 9972
(520) 678-3117



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